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Delivering a complete meeting experience

We know that developing your future involves a comfortable and stimulating environment just as much as it requires the latest tools and technology.

CentrEd at ExCeL combines all the vital ingredients, and a bit extra, to deliver a complete meeting experience for your team to question, explore, and learn.

We’re committed to helping you create successful event outcomes in our space, that’s why we have a dedicated on-site team ready to give you a helping hand.

Meet the team

Picture of Mimi


I’m an ExCeL veteran, I’ve worked here for 12 years and I’ve been with CentrEd since opening. I do a bit of everything, the most important part of my job is looking after clients on-site and ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible operationally. My favourite thing about CentrEd is everyone brings something to the table, we work together to create the best outcomes. If a client is stressed I always have lavender up my sleeve… I’m a qualified masseuse and aromatherapy is my specialty. I’m always prepared, if I were stranded on an island my must-have item would be something to help me protect myself in the wild and find food.


I joined the team as CentrEd Manager shortly after opening. I look after all events that take place, providing clients with a single point of contact from planning through to delivery on the day. I’m tri-lingual, I’m French, I’m fluent in English and I also speak Mandarin! The best part of my job is meeting new people, we welcome a diverse range of events meaning no two days are ever the same. Outside of work, I’m part of a 300+ people strong community choir. If I were ever lost at sea I’d need to have my eBook reader — helpfully loaded with books beforehand of course in case there’s no WiFi on the island.


I joined CentrEd in 2018 as Account Manager. My responsibilities are to manage many of the existing CentrEd accounts as well as constantly being on the hunt for new and exciting business to introduce to the venue. When I'm not suited and booted you'll find me kitted out in pads and a helmet playing my favourite sport, American Football! If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want to have one of those water bottles with a built in filter to make any water I found drinkable.


I joined CentrEd in 2016 as Business Development Manager, I’m responsible for the overall commercial strategy and the success of CentrEd. One of my favourite things about my work is knowing I’ve played a role in the success of my clients’ events, as well as the co-operation, passion and energy of the team. In my previous life, I played football professionally and I love to dance! I often dance in public if a really great song comes on, much to the disapproval of my daughter. Relationships are important to me, if I were alone on a desert island I’d want a phone to be able to keep in touch with my loved ones.

Picture of Narendra


I’ve worked at ExCeL since December 2004, I’m practically part of the furniture now. My main responsibilities at CentrEd are looking after the planning, deployment and support of AV equipment. I speak Gujarati, an Indo-Aryan language native to the Indian state of Gujarat. There’s a lot of history behind it, Gujarati is descended from a language spoken in the 1100s. I’m a real family man, one of my favourite things to do outside of work is spend time with them. If I were stranded out at sea, I’d want one of those multi-use items to build a campfire, put up a tent, hunt for food and gather wood.

Picture of James


I’m the dedicated AV technician at CentrEd, I joined last spring and it’s amazing to be a small part of the bigger picture. Whilst you’re more likely to find me tinkering with wires and adapters in the meetings room I’m also a qualified pool life guard — if you accidentally fall in the dock, I’m your man (please don’t)! Travelling is a passion of mine. I believe life is to be enjoyed. If I were ever stranded on a desert island with only one item, I’d choose flint to make sure I always have a warm fire and something to cook with.

Picture of Ami


I’ve worked at CentrEd since it first opened as a Housekeeping Supervisor. My favourite thing about the team is that we have each other’s back, Mimi and I work closely together and we always help each other wherever we can. After all, team work makes the dream work! I love to sing and dance. Personally I think I’m the world’s greatest singer, I could definitely give Beyoncé a run for her money. If I were stranded on a desert island, my one must-have item would be a lighter. How else am I supposed to stay warm and see in the dark?

CentrEd at ExCeL is 100% committed to tackling the challenges of sustainable development and operating as a responsible corporate entity. As part of one of the UK’s leading international exhibition and convention centres, we host a diverse range of events with organisers and visitors from across the globe.

We take every event to heart — we also take the environment, our local community, and our corporate responsibilities to heart.

We maintain and operate our sustainability management systems to comply with both ISO20121 and ISO14001. This is managed by an internal sustainability committee which consists of employees across departments and is overseen by an Executive Director.

We are a part of the United Nations Global Compact scheme and provide an annual communication on progress — the latest of which you can download below or view online. This scheme is supported by both our Executive Team and our owners ADNEC. We also reinforce our commitment to responsible working practices through our modern slavery statement.

2017 CSR Factsheet
Sustainability Policy
UN Global Compact — 2017 Communication On Progress