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7 top tips to weave wellness into your meetings and events

According to a recent global survey, 79% of meeting and event attendees expressed a desire for healthier, holistic meetings that incorporate healthy food, fitness, and holistic wellness experiences such as meditation and massages. What does this mean for your meetings and events? 

Wellness is no longer slotting in an hour at the gym before work, your delegates are more health-conscious and mindful than ever. We’ve put together seven simple ways to weave wellness into your meetings and events for happier and more productive delegates. 


Assign purpose

Nobody likes to feel like they’ve wasted their time, minimise feelings of meeting frustration by assigning purpose to your meeting or event. People like to feel like they’ve making a positive contribution and making your delegates a part of the bigger picture will create feelings of comradery and inclusion. Take time to establish why your delegates are at your meeting or event, what you aim to achieve together, and help each delegate individually visualise and reflect on what they bring to the table. 


Food as fuel

At CentrEd, we whole-heartedly believe in the power of proper nourishment in fuelling your delegates through the day. From sweet potato brownies to a smoked salmon and watercress tart packed with healthy fats, making healthier choices with your event catering will boost feelings of wellness amongst your delegates. Ditch the mid-afternoon biscuits for a refreshing smoothie and see the benefits.


Meet mindfully

Wellness and mindfulness go hand-in-hand, as your meeting and event attendees seek to bridge the gap between physical health and mental health. Mindfulness is a state of engaged awareness that connects you with your body, your mind and your emotions, and it’s been shown to enhance focus, improve emotional intelligence and even heighten the ability to retain information. Sound good? Mindful meetings are easier than you might think: set clear agendas, allow time for reflection, create a positive atmosphere and practice the thoughtful pause. 


Breathe deeply

Yoga sessions and meditative exercises are becoming increasingly popular in the events industry, with event planners building a spot of downward dog into their schedule. Adding mindful moments to your agenda can alleviate stress and anxiety. If you don’t have the time or budget to bring a yogi on board for your event, providing 60 seconds or so for deep breathing – or a separate quiet area to unwind - will do the trick. Whether your delegates practice or not, a quick break to centre at CentrEd could boost your overall event wellness and productivity. 


Shake it off

Taylor Swift has the right idea when it comes to feeling good! Research has shown that sitting can be as bad for us as smoking, so it’s more important than ever to get your delegates moving their frame to keep them feeling engaged and active. If you don’t have time to take your delegates on a dock stroll, build in smaller activities like switching seats every so often (added bonus: mixing up your delegates so they meet new people), encouraging people to stand during presentations, or even shake it up with a 10-minute fitness class during the breaks – stretching, dancing, whatever works for your delegates.  

Do good, feel good

Feelings of wellness have been shown to be intrinsically linked with our environment and how we interact with it. Consider the wider environmental impact of your events and find ways to reduce impact in order to foster good vibes. A simple but effective way of weaving wellness into your event is to save trees by reducing printing! This will also foster wellness amongst your delegates, as there will be fewer pieces of paper to flip through and keep hold of during and after the event. For more eco-friendly ideas, consult our quick guide to greener meetings and events


Take it outside

Networking is usually a high priority for meeting and event delegates. More often than not, delegates arrive at your event ready to meet as many people as possible and walk away with valuable connections that couldn’t have happened without a handshake. How can you make wellness part of the networking process? Take it outside and Book your CentrEd BBQ overlooking the water? Our award-winning chefs will work with you to devise a healthy seasonal menu, which will be cooked, whilst your guests unwind with a mocktail. Or why not get some extra vitamin D with a fun run! At CentrEd, we love to take part in the #IMEXrun each year, a 5km jog along the river with other industry professional, it’s the perfect way to start the day. 




Interested in learning more about incorporating wellness into your meetings and events? We’d love to talk to you about why CentrEd is the perfect venue for you – with team-building opportunities, beautiful dockside views and great food. Get in touch with the CentrEd team by calling +44 (0)20 7069 4723 or emailing centred@excel.london.