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4 ways to create a more productive environment for your delegates

Meeting planners are becoming more creative than ever when it comes to spending budget, and when you’re thinking about taking your team off-site, productivity is a top priority when choosing a venue.

Have you ever wondered how to maximise the potential of your delegates during your meetings or training session? Here are our four top tips to create the perfect psychological environment for your delegates to help them stay more focused throughout the day.

Natural daylight

Let the sun shine! A recent report showed an 18% increase in productivity when participants were exposed to natural daylight. Additionally, several studies in the last few years have highlighted an increase of productivity when participants were closer to windows, with views – particularly those that helped people feel connected to nature – having a significant impact. Maximise the impact of your training and meetings by choosing spaces with plenty of natural daylight, fresh air and access to nature.

Location, location, location!

Speaking of nature, when it comes to planning your next event it’s all about location, location, location. An extensive study in 2009 into physical environment found that nature can have a restorative effect, access to nature helps people feel rejuvenated and energised. If you want to tap into your delegates’ creativity, they found people confined to a ‘featureless environment’ do not perform to their full potential, intellectually or emotionally. Choose spaces with scenic views and easy access to soothing features such as water and greenery.

Distraction-free space

Short of taking your next event to a local park and risking the London rain, how can you get the best out of your delegates? Nature is important, but a bee buzzing around your head mid-session can be somewhat disconcerting. Research has shown that dedicated conference centres are more conducive to learning than hotels for a whole variety such as in-house audio-visual, stronger bandwidths for internet usage and providing built-in services at more flexible rates. Most of all though, your meeting rooms should be clean and comfortable, providing everything you might need with minimal distraction.

Food, glorious food

It goes without saying that a good meal can make all the difference to how you think and feel. Too many carbs with lunch and you’re likely to slide into a mild food-related coma mid-afternoon. Whilst working lunches seem like a good use of time, research has shown time and time again that your delegates need a break. Planning to serve lunch in a pleasant environment with natural light and the ability to network with other attendees could be the golden ticket to spark creativity and collaborative thinking. Providing space for mindful eating and social interactive also prevents delegates gorging on too many sandwiches and tuning out for the rest of the day.

Looking for your next training and meetings venue? We know that developing your future involves a comfortable and stimulating environment just as much as it requires the latest tools and technology. That’s why we’ve created a training and meeting facility dedicated to providing your teams with the right environment conducive to learning.

Immerse yourself in our state-of-the-art facility with our virtual venue tour, as we guide you through our meeting lounge, dockside restaurant and training rooms. Not to mention the stunning waterside views of the Royal Docklands. Experience why CentrEd at ExCeL really is a better place to learn.